German-Australians have contributed to our culture and scoiety in many ways. Many of their stories are collected in the Australian Dictionary of Biography (ADB). Also included in the list below are those other Australians who have had a significant impact or relationship with the German-Australian community. Those entries below marked (ADB) will take you to the relevant ADB entry. Other entries have been submitted by GAGHA members and private individuals.

GAGHA welcomes further entries, as well as feedback on existing entries. If you wish to submit an entry, please contact us for submission guidelines and procedures. If you believe there is an ADB entry that either should or should not be included on this list, please contact us.

Abrahams, Joseph (1855–1938) senior rabbi (ADB)

Adam, Leonhard (1891–1960) anthropologist and lawyer (ADB)

Adams, Noel Darwin (1906–1989) journalist (ADB)

Adermann, Sir Charles Frederick (1896–1979) farmer and politician(ADB)

Adler, Lawrence James (Larry) (1931–1988) businessman (ADB)

Albert, Adrien (1907–1989) medical (ADB)

Albrecht, Friedrich Wilhelm (1894–1984) Lutheran missionary (ADB)

Ampt, Gustav Adolph (1886–1953) chemical analyst (ADB)

Angas, George Fife (1789–1879) merchant, banker, landowner and philanthropist (ADB)

Appel, George (1823–1910) businessman, consul and public servant (ADB)

Appel, John George (1859–1929) lawyer, farmer and politician (ADB)

Aronson, Zara (1864–1944) journalist and charity worker (ADB)

Ashkanasy, Maurice (1901–1971) barrister and Jewish community leader (ADB)

Backhaus, George Henry (1811–1882) Catholic priest (ADB)

Barker, James (Jimmie) (1900–1972) station hand (ADB)

Barkman, Frances (1885–1946) teacher and Jewish welfare worker (ADB)

Basedow, Martin Peter Friedrich (1829–1902) teacher, newspaper proprietor and politician (ADB)

Baume, Frederick Ehrenfried (Eric) (1900–1967) journalist, author and broadcaster (ADB)

Becker, Johannes Heinrich (1898–1961) medical practitioner and Nazi (ADB)

Becker, Ludwig (1808–1861) artist, explorer and naturalist (ADB)

Beeck, Sir Marcus Truby (1923–1986) farmer, grains industry leader and company director (ADB)

Behrend, Felix Adalbert (1911–1962) mathematician (ADB)

Beit, William (1829–1872) pastoralist (ADB)

Belz, Maurice Henry (1897–1975) mathematical statistician (ADB)

Bendrodt, James Charles (1891–1973) roller-skater and restaurateur (ADB)

Berg, Charles Josef (1917–1988) accountant and music administrator (ADB)

Bergman, George Francis (Jack) (1900–1979) soldier and historian (ADB)

Bergmann, Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm (Willy) (1899–1987) Lutheran missionary (ADB)

Betche, Ernst (1851–1913) botanist (ADB)

Blandowski, William (1822–1878) naturalist (ADB)

Blaubaum, Elias (1847–1904) minister of religion and editor (ADB)

Blesing, Albert Percy (1879–1949) farmer and politician (ADB)

Blumann, Elise Margot (1897–1990) artist(ADB)

Blumenthal, Stanley Joseph (1893–1972) trade unionist (ADB)

Boas, Walter Moritz (1904–1982) physicist (ADB)

Boehm, Traugott Wilhelm (1836–1917) schoolmaster (ADB)

Boelke, Grace Fairley (1870–1948) medical practitioner (ADB)

Bolte, Sir Henry Edward (1908–1990) farmer and premier (ADB)

Bosch, George Henry (1861–1934) merchant and philanthropist (ADB)

Braché, Jacob (1827–1905) civil and mining engineer (ADB)

Bracker, Frederick John Henry (1798–1870) wool-grower(ADB)

Breinl, Anton (1880–1944) medical scientist and practitioner (ADB)

Brockhoff, Sir Jack Stuart (1908–1984) manufacturer and philanthropist (ADB)

Brose, Henry Herman Leopold Adolph (1890–1965) scientist (ADB)

Bruche, Sir Julius Henry (1873–1961) soldier (ADB)

Buley, Ernest Charles (1869–1933) journalist and author (ADB)

Bunny, Brice Frederick (1820–1885) lawyer and politician (ADB)

Burchett, Wilfred Graham (1911–1983) journalist (ADB)

Burgmann, Ernest Henry (1885–1967) Anglican bishop and social critic (ADB)

Buring, Theodor Gustav Hermann (1846–1919) store-keeper and vigneron (ADB)

Busch, Rolland Arthur (Rollie) (1920–1985) Presbyterian and Uniting Church minister, theologian and chaplain-general (ADB)

Bussau, Sir Albert Louis (Lou) (1884–1947) farmer and politician (ADB)

Cascarret, Clare Josephine (1902–1977) city councillor (ADB)

Conrad, Arnold Henry (1887–1979) architect(ADB)

Crist, Alice Guerin (1876–1941) author and journalist (ADB)

Cummings, Clement James (1908–1991) soldier, accountant and sportsman (ADB)

de Bavay, Auguste Joseph François (1856–1944) brewer, chemist, bacteriologist and metallurgist (ADB)

de Gillern, William (1787–1857) soldier and settler (ADB)

Dennys, Charles John (1818–1898) wool broker, and stock and station agent (ADB)

Diesendorf, Walter (1906–1975) electrical engineer (ADB)

Dietrich, Amalie (1821–1891) naturalist (ADB)

Dintenfass, Leopold (1921–1990) industrial chemist and research biomedical rheologist (ADB)

Dittmer, Felix Cyril Sigismund (1904–1977) medical practitioner and politician (ADB)

Dorsch, Agnes Marie Johanna (1871–1958) teacher (ADB)

Duldig, Karl (Karol) (1902–1986) sculptor (ADB)

Dullo, Walter Andreas (1902–1978) chocolate-maker and musicologist (ADB)

Duras, Fritz (1896–1965) physical educationist (ADB)

Ebden, Charles Hotson (1811–1867) pastoralist, businessman and politician (ADB)

Eggers, Karl Friedrich Wilhelm (1815–1882) printer and journalist (ADB)

Eipper, Christopher (1813–1894) missionary and Presbyterian minister (ADB)

Elkin, Adolphus Peter (1891–1979) Anglican clergyman and professor of anthropology (ADB)

Elsässer, Carl Gottlieb (1817–1885) musician (ADB)

Ervin, Samuel Henry (Harry) (1881–1977) woolbroker and benefactor (ADB)

Falstein, Sydney Max (1914–1967) politician, lawyer and businessman (ADB)

Feez, Adolph Frederick (1858–1944) surveyor and solicitor (ADB)

Feez, Arthur Herman (1860–1935) barrister(ADB)

Fenner, Charles Albert (1884–1955) educationist, geographer and author (ADB)

Finckh, Alfred Edmund (1866–1961) pathologist and maître d'armes (ADB)

Finsch, Otto (1839–1917) ornithologist, ethnologist and pioneer of German colonialism (ADB)

Flierl, Johann (1858–1947) missionary (ADB)

Foelsche, Paul Heinrich Matthias (1831–1914) police inspector (ADB)

Forster, Johann Georg Adam (1754–1794) German writer, traveller and revolutionary (ADB)

Forster, Johann Reinhold (1729–1798) author and naturalist (ADB)

Freedman, David Isaac (1874–1939) rabbi (ADB)

Friedrich, John (1950–1991) company director and fraudster (ADB)

Fritzsche, Gotthard Daniel (1797–1863) Lutheran pastor (ADB)

Fuhrman, Osmond Charles (1889–1961) public servant and diplomat (ADB)

Galway, Marie Carola Franciska Roselyne (1876–1963) charity and civic worker, and governor's wife (ADB)

George, Madeline Rees (1851–1931) headmistress (ADB)

Gerard, Edwin Field (1891–1965) war balladist, soldier and farmer (ADB)

Gerstaecker, Friedrich (1816–1872) writer and traveller (ADB)

Gilles, Osmond (1788–1866) colonial treasurer and pioneer (ADB)

Glaessner, Martin Fritz (1906–1989) geologist and palaeontologist (ADB)

Goethe, Matthias (1827–1876) Lutheran pastor (ADB)

Gosse, George (1912–1964) naval officer and designer (ADB)

Gottschalk, Alfred (1894–1973) medical scientist (ADB)

Gottshall, Benjamin Béla Vojtech (1907–1978) rabbi (ADB)

Graebner, Carl Friedrich (1862–1949) clergyman and educationist (ADB)

Gramp, Johann (1819–1903) vigneron (ADB)

Grenda, Albert Francis (1889–1977) cyclist (ADB)

Grosse, Frederick (1828–1894) engraver and vigneron (ADB)

Groves, Herbert Stanley (Bert) (1907–1970) Aboriginal activist (ADB)

Gruner, Elioth Lauritz Leganyer (1882–1939) landscape artist (ADB)

Gsell, Francis Xavier (1872–1960) missionary and bishop (ADB)

Guerard, Johann Joseph Eugen von (1812–1901) artist (ADB)

Guertner, Beryl Annie Blanche (1917–1981) magazine editor and author (ADB)

Gunther, William James (1839–1918) Anglican clergyman (ADB)

Gunz, Friedrich Walter (Frederick) (1914–1990) haematologist (ADB)

Hagenauer, Friedrich August (1829–1909) Moravian missionary (ADB)

Haller, John Friederick (1808–1886) merchant and protagonist (ADB)

Halpern, Stanislaw (Stacha) (1919–1969) painter, potter, printmaker and sculptor (ADB)

Hammerman, Bernhard (1913–1983) furrier and arts patron (ADB)

Handt, Johann Christian Simon (1794–1863) missionary and Protestant minister (ADB)

Hart, Fritz Bennicke (1874–1949) composer, conductor and teacher (ADB)

Hebart, Siegfried Paul (1909–1990) Lutheran theologian (ADB)

Heidenreich, Georg Adam (1828–1910) Lutheran minister (ADB)

Heinicke, August Moritz Hermann (1863–1949) musician ... , 'surely the best characteristic by which to recognise a German musician'. Soon he was ... (ADB)

Heinig, Mary Christine (1892–1979) educationist (ADB)

Helbig, Eduard Paul (1884–1958) Lutheran missionary (ADB)

Helmrich, Dorothy Jane Adele (1889–1984) singer and arts administrator (ADB)

Helms, Richard (1842–1914) zoologist and botanist (ADB)

Hennings, John (1835–1898) scenic artist (ADB)

Henschke, Albert Julius (1888–1955) stonemason, monumental-mason and sculptor (ADB)

Herlitz, Hermann (1834–1920) Lutheran pastor (ADB)

Herman, Hyman (1875–1962) geologist and engineer (ADB)

Hernsheim, Eduard (1847–1917) master mariner and entrepreneur (ADB)

Herz, Julius (1841–1898) musician (ADB)

Herz, Max Markus (1876–1948) orthopaedic surgeon (ADB)

Heyer, Johannes (1872–1945) clergyman (ADB)

Heymann, Erich (1901–1949) chemist and academic (ADB)

Heyne, Ernst Bernhard (1825–1881) botanist and horticulturist (ADB)

Heysen, Sir Wilhelm Ernst Hans (1877–1968) artist (ADB)

Hinkler, Herbert John (Bert) (1892–1933) aviator (ADB)

Hinze, Russell James (Russ) (1919–1991) businessman and politician (ADB)

Hirsch, Maximilian (1852–1909) economist and political activist (ADB)

Hirschfeld-Mack, Ludwig (1893–1965) artist and teacher (ADB)

Hirschfeld, Eugen (1866–1946) medical practitioner (ADB)

Hirschfeld, Otto Saddler (1898–1957) medical practitioner and university chancellor (ADB)

Holtermann, Bernhardt Otto (1838–1885) gold miner, merchant, sponsor of photography and member of parliament (ADB)

Holthouse, Hector Le Gay (1915–1991) journalist and popular historian (ADB)

Holtze, Maurice William (1840–1923) botanist(ADB)

Homburg, Hermann Robert (1874–1964) lawyer and politician (ADB)

Homburg, Robert (1848–1912) politician and judge (ADB)

Hübbe, Ulrich (1805–1892) journalist, farmer, teacher, interpreter, land agent and legal scholar (ADB)

Iwanoff, Iwan (1919–1986) architect (ADB)

Jaeger, John Conrad (1907–1979) mathematical physicist (ADB)

Jerger, Charles Adolph (1869–1927) Catholic priest (ADB)

Jeromin, Heinz (1925–1987) carpenter and works foreman (ADB)

Jess, Sir Carl Herman (1884–1948) soldier (ADB)

Joske, Sir Percy Ernest (1895–1981) politician and judge (ADB)

Kastner, Winifred (1903–1987) community leader and welfare worker (ADB)

Kavel, August Ludwig Christian (1798–1860) Lutheran pastor(ADB)

Kayser, Heinrich Wilhelm Ferdinand (1833–1919) mining engineer (ADB)

Kisch, Egon Erwin (1885–1948) journalist and communist (ADB)

Kleeberg, Juliusz Edward (1890–1970) army officer and Polish leader (ADB)

Kleeman, Richard Daniel (1875–1932) physicist (ADB)

Knorr, Frances Lydia (Minnie) (1867–1894) baby-farmer (ADB)

Koch, John Augustus Bernard (1845–1928) architect (ADB)

Koch, Wilhelm Rudolph Waldemar (1874–1952) architect (ADB)

Kohler, Edward Frederick (1890–1964) sculptor (ADB)

Korff, John (1799–1870) shipbuilder (ADB)

Korner, Johanna (1891–1969) beauty salon proprietor (ADB)

Kornweibel, Albert Hubert Carl (1892–1980) journalist and music critic (ADB)

Kraegen, Edward Charles (1864–1943) union organizer and public servant (ADB)

Kramer, Ernest Eugene (1889–1958) missionary (ADB)

Kranewitter, Aloysius (1817–1880) Jesuit priest (ADB)

Krausé, Ferdinand Moritz (1841–1918) civil engineer and geologist (ADB)

Krefft, Johann Ludwig (Louis) (1830–1881) zoologist (ADB)

Kreitmayer, Maximilian Ludwig (Max) (1830–1906) waxworks proprietor(ADB)

Krimmer, William Charles (1867–1944) businessman (ADB)

Krips, Henry Joseph (1912–1987) conductor, composer and pianist (ADB)

Krischock, Henry Ludwig Frank (Harry) (1875–1940) photographer(ADB)

Krome, Otto Georg (1863–1917) educationist (ADB)

Kruger, Edward Norman (Ted) (1897–1987) sawmillers and racehorse-breeders (ADB)

Krüger, Xenia Nicolaeva (1903–1985) ballet teacher (ADB)

Kruse, Johann Secundus (1859–1927) violinist (ADB)

Kubary, John Stanislaw (1846–1896) naturalist and ethnographer (ADB)

Laseron, Charles Francis (Carl) (1887–1959) naturalist and connoisseur (ADB)

Layh, Herbert Thomas Christoph (1885–1964) bank clerk and soldier (ADB)

Leibius, Charles Adolph (Carl) (1833–1893) chemist and public servant (ADB)

Leichhardt, Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig (1813–1848) naturalist and explorer (ADB)

Leidig, Georg Friedrich (1870–1925) Lutheran clergyman (ADB)

Lemberg, Max Rudolf (Rudi) (1896–1975) biochemist (ADB)

Leschen, Heinrich Adolph (1836–1916) gymnastics teacher (ADB)

Lewers, Gerald Francis (1905–1962) sculptor and construction engineer (ADB)

Lewers, Hettie Margaret (Margo) (1908–1978) artist (ADB)

Lhotsky, John (1795–1866) naturalist (ADB)

Liebe, Friederich Wilhelm Gustav (1862–1950) building contractor and farmer (ADB)

Lienhop, Sir John Herman (Henry) (1886–1967) stock-and-station agent, pastoralist and politician (ADB)

Lindt, John William (1845–1926) photographer (ADB)

Linger, Carl Ferdinand August (1810–1862) musician and composer (ADB)

Lockwood, Alfred Wright (1867–1956) journalist and newspaper proprietor (ADB)

Lockwood, Douglas Wright (1918–1980) journalist, soldier and author (ADB)

Lodewyckx, Augustin (1876–1964) scholar (ADB)

Loewe, Fritz Philipp (1895–1974) meteorologist (ADB)

Löhe, Friedrich Max Immanuel (1900–1977) Lutheran minister (ADB)

Lowin, Paul (1892–1961) businessman and philanthropist (ADB)

Ludowici, Frederick John (1873–1969) businessman and conservationist (ADB)

Magnus, Walter (1903–1954) restaurateur (ADB)

Martens, Conrad (1801–1878) artist (ADB)

Martyn, David Forbes (1906–1970) physicist (ADB)

Marx, Otto (1897–1974) herd-tester (ADB)

Mathy, Marianne Helene (1890–1978) teacher of singing (ADB)

Matthaei, Ernst Artur (1904–1966) optical microscopist (ADB)

Mattner, Edward William (1893–1977) soldier, farmer and politician (ADB)

Mayer, Henry (1919–1991) professor of politics (ADB)

Maygar, Leslie Cecil (1868–1917) soldier and grazier (ADB)

Mendelsohn, Oscar Adolf (1896–1978) polymath, bon vivant and public analyst (ADB)

Menge, Johann (1788–1852) geologist and linguist (ADB)

Menkens, Frederick Burnhardt (1855–1910) architect (ADB)

Meston, Archibald (1851–1924) journalist, civil servant and explorer (ADB)

Meyer, Felix Henry (1858–1937) medical practitioner (ADB)

Michaelis, Margarethe (1902–1985) photographer (ADB)

Michaelis, Moritz (1820–1902) businessman (ADB)

Miethke, Adelaide Laetitia (1881–1962) educationist (ADB)

Miller, Gustave Thomas Carlisle (1851–1918) newspaper proprietor and politician (ADB)

Monash, Sir John (1865–1931) soldier, engineer and administrator (ADB)

Muecke, Carl Wilhelm Ludwig (1815–1898) educationist, pastor and editor (ADB)

Muecke, Hugo Carl Emil (1842–1929) customs and shipping agent (ADB)

Mueller, Sir Ferdinand Jakob Heinrich von (1825–1896) botanist (ADB)

Müller, Florens Theodor Reinhard (1825–1881) botanist and poet (ADB)

Muller, Frederick (Fritz) (1881–1962) manufacturer (ADB)

Munster, George John (1925–1984) journalist (ADB)

Munz, Hirsch (1905–1979) scientist, businessman and man of letters (ADB)

Nagle, Jacob (1761–1841) sailor (ADB)

Neumann, Hanna (1914–1971) mathematician (ADB)

Neumayer, Georg Balthasar von (1826–1909) scientist, magnetician, hydrographer, oceanographer and meteorologist (ADB)

Nickel, Theodor August Friedrich Wilhelm (1865–1953) Lutheran clergyman (ADB)

Norman, Leslie (1876–1954) civil servant (ADB)

Norman, Noel Wilson ('Louis Kaye') (1901–1981) author (ADB)

Nugan, Francis John (1942–1980) lawyer and merchant banker (ADB)

Oeser, Oscar Adolph (1904–1983) professor of psychology (ADB)

Öpik, Armin Aleksander (1898–1983) palaeontologist (ADB)

Oster, Philipp Jacob (1830–1897) Lutheran clergyman (ADB)

Paul, Eveline Pauline (Queenie) (1893–1982) vaudeville artist, producer and entrepreneur (ADB)

Paulsen, Alexander Henry (Harry) (1906–1990) showman (ADB)

Pelzer, August William (1862–1934) landscape gardener (ADB)

Peyser, Dora (1904–1970) social worker and nurse (ADB)

Pflaum, Friedrich Jacob Theodor (Fritz) (1846–1923) miller and politician (ADB)

Pinschof, Carl Ludwig (1855–1926) merchant, economist and consul (ADB)

Pinter, Gerda (1915–2003) patron of the arts (ADB)

Plate, Carl Olaf (1909–1977) artist (ADB)

Pollak, Hans (1885–1976) philologist (ADB)

Praed, Rosa Caroline (1851–1935) novelist (ADB)

Preiss, Johann August Ludwig (1811–1883) naturalist(ADB)

Prell, Charles Ernest (1865–1946) pastoralist(ADB)

Prenzel, Robert Wilhelm (1866–1941) woodcarver and cabinetmaker (ADB)

Prerauer, Kurt (Curt) (1901–1967) pianist, conductor and music critic (ADB)

Proeschel, Frederick (1809–1870) map-maker and publisher (ADB)

Püttmann, Hermann (1811–1874) journalist, writer and editor (ADB)

Püttmann, Hermann Wilhelm (1840–1914) journalist and poet (ADB)

Radecki, John (1865–1955) stained-glass designer (ADB)

Rado, Erwin Aladar (1914–1988) film festival director (ADB)

Rasp, Charles (1846–1907) prospector (ADB)

Rechner, Gustav Julius (1830–1900) Lutheran pastor (ADB)

Reimann, Immanuel Gotthold (1859–1932) musician (ADB)

Resch, Edmund (1847–1923) brewer (ADB)

Resch, Emil Karl (1860–1930) brewer (ADB)

Rich, Ruby Sophia (1888–1988) Jewish community leader, feminist and pianist (ADB)

Roach, Bertie Smith (1864–1944) teacher and writer (ADB)

Roberts, Sir Stephen Henry (1901–1971) historian and university vice-chancellor (ADB)

Rodius, Charles (1802–1860) artist (ADB)

Roemer, Charles William (1799–1874) merchant (ADB)

Rohu, Ada Jane (1848–1928) taxidermist and shopkeeper (ADB)

Romberg, Frederick (1913–1992) architect and academic (ADB)

Rose, Frederick George (1915–1991) public servant and anthropologist (ADB)

Rosendorff, Hans Gunther (1910–1983) librarian, bridge player and columnist (ADB)

Rosenhain, Walter (1875–1934) metallurgist (ADB)

Rosenstengel, Edmund (1887–1962) furniture-maker (ADB)

Rosenthal, Alvord Sydney (1901–1975) naval officer (ADB)

Rosenthal, Sir Charles (1875–1954) architect, soldier and musician (ADB)

Roth, Adam (1827–1898) winemaker and farmer (ADB)

Roth, Walter Edmund (1861–1933) physician, anthropologist and protector of Aborigines (ADB)

Rümker, Christian Carl Ludwig (1788–1862) astronomer(ADB)

Rumpf, Ann (1849–1925) manufacturer and entrepreneur (ADB)

Rupp, Herman Montague Rucker (1872–1956) clergyman and botanist (ADB)

Ruwolt, Charles Ernest (1873–1946) engineer and industrialist (ADB)

Sachse, Arthur Otto (1860–1920) engineer and politician (ADB)

Sanger, Herman Max (1909–1980) rabbi (ADB)

Sasse, Hermann Otto Erich (1895–1976) Lutheran pastor and theologian (ADB)

Schaffer, Philip (?–1828) farmer (ADB)

Schardt, Susan Katherina (1872–1934) hospital founder (ADB)

Schauer, Amy (1871–1956) cookery instructor (ADB)

Scherf, Charles Curnow (1917–1949) grazier and air force officer (ADB)

Scherger, Sir Frederick Rudolph (1904–1984) air force officer, airline commissioner and company chairman (ADB)

Scherk, Theodor Johannes (1836–1923) teacher, agent and politician (ADB)

Schirmeister, Carl Friedrich Alexander Franz (1814–1887) Lutheran pastor (ADB)

Schlapp, Herman Henry (1854–1938) metallurgist (ADB)

Schleinitz, Georg Gustav Freiherr von (1834–1910) hydrographer and governor (ADB)

Schlink, Sir Herbert Henry (1883–1962) gynaecologist and hospital administrator (ADB)

Schlunke, Eric Otto (1906–1960) farmer and author (ADB)

Schmidt, Karl Wilhelm Edward (?–1864) missionary (ADB)

Schneider, Franz Xavier (1895–1952) public servant (ADB)

Schomburgk, Moritz Richard (1811–1891) botanist (ADB)

Schramm, Leo Paul (1892–1953) pianist and composer (ADB)

Schreiber, Oscar Ferdinand Gordon (1887–1963) cabinet-maker and trade unionist (ADB)

Schuler, Gottlieb Frederick Heinrich (1853–1926) journalist (ADB)

Schulz, Adolf John (1883–1956) educationist (ADB)

Schulz, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (1883–1964) schoolteacher and printer (ADB)

Schürmann, Clamor Wilhelm (1815–1893) Lutheran missionary and pastor (ADB)

Schutt, Helen Macpherson (1874–1951) philanthropist (ADB)

Schwarz, Walter Leslie (1896–1969) soldier (ADB)

Seidel, Waldemar Carl (1893–1980) pianist and music teacher (ADB)

Selle, Walter Albert (1883–1968) schoolteacher and university registrar (ADB)

Selley, Martin Israel (1897–1989) manufacturer (ADB)

Sellheim, Gert Hugo Emmanuel (1901–1970) architect and graphic designer (ADB)

Sellheim, Philip Frederic (1832–1899) pastoralist and mining official (ADB)

Seppelt, Joseph Ernest (1813–1868) winemaker (ADB)

Seppelt, Oscar Benno (1873–1963) winemaker and viticulturist (ADB)

Seyler, Albert Jakob (1913–1977) telecommunications scientist (ADB)

Siebenhaar, Willem (1863–1936) writer, public servant and socialist (ADB)

Siede, Julius (1825–1903) conductor and flautist (ADB)

Simogun, Sir Pita (1900–1987) soldier, politician and community leader (ADB)

Skerst, Arnold Oscar Hermann Gregory von (1888–1948) Nazi propagandist and language teacher (ADB)

Slessor, Kenneth Adolf (1901–1971) poet and journalist (ADB)

Sodeman, Arnold Karl (1899–1936) murderer (ADB)

Sommerlad, Ernest Christian (1886–1952) newspaper editor, businessman and politician (ADB)

Soward, George Klewitz (1857–1941) architect (ADB)

Speckman, Carl Rudolph (1893–1958) army officer(ADB)

Spence, Louis Thomas (1917–1950) air force officer (ADB)

Spielvogel, Nathan Frederick (1874–1956) teacher, writer and historian (ADB)

Stähle, Johann Heinrich (1840–1915) missionary (ADB)

Steffanoni, Lewis (1835–1880) illuminator and embroiderer (ADB)

Steffanoni, Sophia Elizabeth (1873–1906) artist (ADB)

Steinfeld, Emanuel (1828–1893) furniture manufacturer and retailer (ADB)

Steinohrt, Herbert Walter (Herb) (1897–1985) rugby league footballer (ADB)

Sticht, Robert Carl (1856–1922) metallurgist and mining engineer (ADB)

Strehlow, Carl Friedrich Theodor (1871–1922) missionary (ADB)

Strehlow, Theodor George Henry (Ted) (1908–1978) linguist (ADB)

Strempel, Carl Friedrich Adolph (1831–1908) Lutheran pastor(ADB)

Süssmilch, Adolph Carl von de Heyde (1875–1946) geologist and educationist (ADB)

Tauchert, Arthur Michael (1877–1933) vaudevillian and film actor (ADB)

Teichelmann, Christian Gottlieb (1807–1888) Lutheran missionary and pastor (ADB)

Tepper, Johann Gottlieb Otto (1841–1923) botanist, schoolteacher and entomologist (ADB)

Thiess, Sir Leslie Charles (Les) (1909–1992) construction and mining industries entrepreneur (ADB)

Tiegs, Oscar Werner (1897–1956) professor of zoology (ADB)

Tierney, John Lawrence (1892–1972) schoolteacher and author (ADB)

Tilly, William Henry (1860–1935) linguist (ADB)

Traeger, Alfred Hermann (1895–1980) engineer (ADB)

Troedel, Johannes Theodor Charles (1836–1906) lithographic printer(ADB)

Ulrich, Georg Heinrich Friedrich (George Henry Frederick)(1830–1900) geologist and mineralogist (ADB)

Ulrich, Theodore Friederick (1888–1963) soldier and clerk (ADB)

Utz, Stanley Frederick (Stan) (1898–1974) sharebroker, businessman and Liberal Party official (ADB)

van Otterloo, Jan William (1907–1978) orchestra conductor (ADB)

van Praagh, Dame Margaret (Peggy) (1910–1990) ballet dancer, producer, director, teacher and administrator (ADB)

Viertel, Charles (Carl) (1902–1992) accountant, businessman and philanthropist (ADB)

Vogt, Arthur Erwin (1907–1987) Methodist minister and social worker (ADB)

Vogt, George Leonard (1848–1937) journalist and editor (ADB)

Voigt, Emil Robert (1883–1973) athlete, political organizer, engineer and radio-manager (ADB)

Von Doussa, Heinrich Albert Alfred (1848–1926) horse-racing promoter and politician (ADB)

Von Stieglitz, Frederick Lewis (1803–1866) pastoralist (ADB)

von Stieglitz, Karl Rawdon (1893–1967) pastoralist and antiquarian (ADB)

Vos, Roelf (1951–1992) supermarket entrepreneur, property developer and philanthropist (ADB)

Vosz, Heinrich Ludwig (1812–1886) hardware merchant and paint manufacturer (ADB)

Weber, Clarence Alfred (1882–1930) athlete and physical culturist (ADB)

Weigel, Johanna Wilhelmine (1847–1940) paper-pattern manufacturer (ADB)

Weindorfer, Gustav (1874–1932) naturalist and conservationist (ADB)

Weingarth, John Leopold (1862–1925) surveyor(ADB)

Wendt, Joachim Matthias (1830–1917) silversmith (ADB)

Wentcher, Tina (1887–1974) sculptor (ADB)

Wenz, Paul (1869–1939) grazier and writer (ADB)

Wertheim, Hugo (1854–1919) merchant and manufacturer (ADB)

Westgarth, William (1815–1889) merchant, financier, politician and historian (ADB)

Wieck, George Frederick (1881–1973) soldier (ADB)

Wiedermann, Elise (1851–1922) soprano (ADB)

Wienholt, Arnold (1877–1940) army officer, adventurer, pastoralist, politician and author (ADB)

Wienholt, Edward (1833–1904) pastoralist and politician (ADB)

Wilhelm, Donald Lancelot (1919–1977) professor of pathology (ADB)

Windeyer, Richard (1806–1847) journalist, barrister and politician (ADB)

Wirth, George (1867–1941) bandsman and circus proprietor (ADB)

Wirth, Philip Peter Jacob (1864–1937) bandsman and circus proprietor (ADB)

Wolfsohn, Hugo Adolf (1918–1982) political scientist (ADB)

Wortman, Adolphus (?–?) match manufacturer and exporter (ADB)

Wortman, Ignatz (?–?) match manufacturer and exporter (ADB)

Wroblewski, Charles Adam Marie (1855–1936) editor, chemist, geologist and merchant (ADB)

Wunderlich, Alfred (1865–1966) manufacturer ... Wunderlich, clerk and later indigo merchant, and his German wife Caroline, née Schmedes ... (ADB)

Wunderlich, Ernest Julius (1859–1945) manufacturer ... Wunderlich, clerk and later indigo merchant, and his German wife Caroline, née Schmedes ... (ADB)

Wunderlich, Frederick Otto (1861–1951) manufacturer ... Wunderlich, clerk and later indigo merchant, and his German wife Caroline, née Schmedes ... (ADB)

Wynn, Samuel (1891–1982) wine merchant and Zionist (ADB)

Zadow, Christiane Susanne (Augusta) (1846–1896) trade unionist and factory inspector (ADB)

Zercho, Charles Henry (1866–1962) educationist(ADB)

Zercho, Frederick William (1867–1953) educationist(ADB)

Zerner, Wilhelm (William) (1882–1963) schoolteacher (ADB)

Ziesemer, Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst (1897–1972) wheat-grower ... , farmer, and his wife Wilhelmina, née Mundt, both German born. Reared on a dairy farm ... (ADB)

Ziesemer, Theodor Martin Peter (1899–1961) wheat-grower ... , farmer, and his wife Wilhelmina, née Mundt, both German born. Reared on a dairy farm ... (ADB)

Zischke, Mervyn Desmond (1927–1988) apostle and leader of the Apostolic Church of Queensland (ADB)

Zöllner, Simon (1821–1880) manufacturer (ADB)

Zwar, Albert Michael (1863–1935) tanner and politician (ADB)

Zwar, Henry Peter (1873–1959) tanner and politician (ADB)

Zwar, Traugott Bernhard (1876–1947) surgeon(ADB)