Often it is hard to make conections to conduct your research, to find out exactly who is doing what where and how you can cooperate with them. A major focus of this Alliance is to gather a central catalogue of resources, particularly those available within our Members' collections. Each of our members groups holds or has created a wide range of resources relating to the lives of German-Australians.


Find a list of published works with their availability (GAGHA will endeavour to offer as many of these as possible as ebooks for purchase).


Formal and informal programs of study, both in Australia, overseas, and online, with a focus on German-Ausralian or German history.


Videos of presentations, documentaries, and educational videos, as well as information about videos available to financial members of our member groups.


The Australian Dictionary of Biography is an excellent resource for background information and extra resources about specific German-Australian figures. In addition, we have a collection of biographies written by GAGHA members.


Databases and indexes compiled by member groups.


Our German-Australian Heritage and history Facebook Group where you can ask questions, discuss or post your research, and make connections with other researchers.